Friday, August 31st – Bitterroot Wade & Clark Fork Float – new sections

Friday, August 31st

I woke up to a familiar aroma – Barbee’s recipe of Baked French Toast Casserole which Chef Alan was kind enough to make for us this morning served with Bacon and Fruit.

Baked french Toast Casserole

John and Katie opted for another Float Trip to Clark Fork today with Grizzly Hackle Flyshop Master River Guide Dave Hufman. There were significant Trico hatches from 10am to noon on both rivers. Not many pics from the Float Trip but some very nice fish were caught!



I went with Ernie, Joyce and Jeff on a wade trip to more braids of the Bitterroot River. For the morning session we found a flat water spot with some VERY CHOOSY fish that would only take a size 20 or 22 Trico Cripple imitation on a perfect drag-free drift. I was getting my butt kicked and I tried all sorts of flies, rigs and drifts and got a few soft takes missing the hookset on each of them – this made Ernie, Joyce and Jeff feel a little better as, quoting Ernie, “they out-fished a guide today”. Each of them landed a few of those extremely picky fish.  🙂

The campground nearby had some interesting campers and another Airstream.

For the afternoon session we chose another spot on the Bitterroot that had some deeper runs, gravel bars and other good structure and we did fairly well on a beautiful stretch of river.

Man what a view!



Jeff with a nice one!


Some great structure to fly fish around!


Joyce up to the top of her waders!!

Another small Squaw fish.


Got this beautiful Cutthroat on a size 10 Brindle Chute dry fly.

We fished until 5:30pm – too worn out to go longer.

One last evening meal for the week and Chef Alan out-did himself with Grilled Glazed Salmon and Shrimp with Linguini and Asparagus, etc…



He finished off the meal with a surprise…. Huckleberry Cobbler – Yum!!

After dinner we sat around the table looking back on the week and everyone had some fun stories to share.


It was a successful, enjoyable adventure for all and Ernie was kind enough to share “a five star experience indeed”.

Time to pack up and get ready to depart for home tomorrow.  😦

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