Saturday, September 1st – Time for good-byes/wrapping it up…

Saturday, September 1st

Alan made us Huckleberry muffins and some eggs for a quick breakfast. We all said our goodbyes and I closed up the house for our scheduled departure of 11:00am.


With Ernie, Joyce and Jeff on their way to the airport and John and Katie driving up to Glacier National Park, I spent the rest of the day walking downtown Missoula checking out the huge tailgate market and all the cool shops, restaurants and other great stuff that downtown Missoula has to offer.

Missoula has a beautiful carousel downtown in Caras Park.

Nice trout sculptures and a boardwalk over the Clark Fork River!

After packing up my gear to ship back from the fly shop I headed out for one last short road trip.

I wound up in Wallace, ID – a really neat old west silver mining town that has been preserved and is now a tourist destination.


Got back to Missoula after dark and ate dinner at the Depot.


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