Sunday, August 26th – Getting things started…

Sunday, August 26th

Met Ernie, Joyce and Jeff at the Black Coffee Roasting Company for breakfast and headed out to Rock Creek to fish a bit for the day.

On the way to Rock Creek I spotted the Sinclair Dinosaur – memories from my father and mother taking my brothers and I on vacation.


Stopped at Rock Creek Fishermans Mercantile to get the latest info on hatches and conditions and stocked up on some flies. Although we didn’t get to see Carolyn and Strider I thought it would be nice to put up a pic of them.

We were lucky to see the herd of Bighorn Sheep on the drive up the river.

I fished with Ernie, Joyce and Jeff for a bit on one of the pull outs and we had some good success.

I left them to fish on their own as I headed back to Missoula to check in to our rental house and meet our chef for the week, Alan Brown.

John and Katie were parked outside waiting for me when I got there and we hauled all of our bags and gear into the house. They brought along four Racine Danish Kringle pastries with them from Wisconsin made by O&H Bakery!

A cinnamon, blueberry, cherry cream cheese and Wisconsin Kringle were the four flavors. They usually bring a few for Barbee, Natalie and I when they come to fly fish with me in Asheville and we look forward to it with great anticipation.

What a beautiful house it was!

Chef Alan loaded his gear and supplies into the kitchen and once he got going the house instantly began to smell wonderful!


He cooked us a quite memorable steak dinner with salad, grilled T-Bones, Portobello Mushrooms, grilled veggie kabobs and rice that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. A toast was made: May all your fly fishing stories from the week require no embellishment!

Here are pictures of Alan and a sample dish from his website:

The whole gang enjoyed the great food and conversation throughout the evening.

Time for bed to prepare for the first full day on the water!

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