Monday, August 20th – Time to get out and scout…

Monday, August 20th

It was quite a nice drive down highway 93 south of Missoula through the Bitterroot valley. Went through a bunch of the little towns along the way including Hamilton and Darby.

Hamilton Montana






Missoula’s elevation is approximately 3200 feet and, going upstream, I began fishing the Headwaters of the Bitterroot above Conner at 4400 feet. I haven’t fly fished here since I lived in Missoula in the 90’s.


It is a medium sized stream that is fairly easy to wade with a fair number of public access points along the way.


The weather was definitely not “summerish” as it was 49 degrees and raining with overcast skies.  From what I understand this storm moved east and dumped a bunch of snow on Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Glad I didn’t see any of the white stuff!


Caught a fair number of fish, the largest Westslope cutthroat on a hopper dry fly (16”)

Cuttie 1

and the largest Brown on a nymph (18”).


Some pretty wildflowers along the streambank.

Fished until dark…again.

Headed back to Missoula and ate dinner at the Iron Horse brew pub…again.

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