Thursday, August 23rd – Exploring more of Rock Creek…

Thursday, August 23rd

Woke up early and packed up camp at Norton on Rock Creek and headed to the upper section of Rock Creek. Slept in what Barbee refers to as my “sarcophagus” tent. I think it is a very comfortable, fantastic little 1.5 lb tent made by Nemo which I purchased along with the Western Mountaineering 1.5 lb Down sleeping bag and Nemo sleeping pad at Diamond Brand Outdoors in Asheville.


Stopped in Drummond for gas and came across this amusing sign:


Drove though Philipsburg (a very nice somewhat touristy little old mining town).


Made a stop up the Middle Fork on Moose lake for lunch and some lake fishing using small cream mayfly emergers to cutthroat trout. A beautiful little lake indeed.


Fished some on the Middle Fork of Rock Creek.




Then fished the main river downstream of Gilles bridge working my way back down the river to I-90 and Missoula.


Caught a good number of trout on a dry-dropper rig.


Drove down the gravel forest road and had to slow down for the free range cattle crossing the road and some other critters as well. (Mule Deer)


Saw this float trip get started at the concrete bridge – quite a few people for one boat!


Made my way down the road stopping and fishing a bit at Morgan-Case Ranch, Microburst and the Dalles. Saw a few more critters – more Mule Deer and some Bighorn Sheep.


Went back to Missoula and got a hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn and had dinner at The Depot restaurant. It’s been a Missoula favorite for over 40 years. Tomorrow I will take it easy a bit and not schedule much of anything – I’ll see what comes my way.

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