Tuesday, August 28th – Bitterroot Wade, Clark Fork Float…

Tuesday, August 28th

This morning we woke up to chef Alan serving Breakfast Burritos, Oatmeal and Fruit for the morning meal. Again, he prepared our lunch sandwiches to order from a choice of Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef on local fresh baked bread! Yum!

Weather was much nicer today – more of a typical August day in the Rocky Mountain west. Started out a bit chilly at 38 degrees but warmed up quite nicely to 71 degrees and mostly sunny for most of the day.

Today John and Katie went on a Float Trip to the Clark Fork River with Grizzly Hackle Flyshop Master River Guide Matt Devlin. They fared quite well fishing mostly with dry flies and didn’t see but one other boat on the river all day. Here are some pics of their day:


Katie with a Beautiful Rainbow!
John with a whopper Cutthroat!

I would call that a great day on the river!

I went with Ernie, Joyce and Jeff on a wade trip to some braids of the Bitterroot River. We found a few spots with public access that lead us up the river for quite a ways and we were able to wade the river comfortably in most spots and fish from the bank in other spots. Here are some pics of their day:


Got back to the house and John and Katie were already on the back deck waiting for more fish stories during the cocktail hour. Ernie, Joyce and Jeff were glad to oblige!

All the stories were true! Honest!

Chef Alan was at it again serving up Salad, local Fresh Baked Bread, Stuffed Pork Chops with Pecan Stuffing, a Sugar Snap Pea medley, Baked Mac & Cheese and a Cucumber Salad as well.


Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

For desert he surprised us with Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes! He made 24 of these and there were only four left at the end of the evening! They were SO good!

What a great meal!

We were stuffed and could hardly get away from the table to our bedrooms for the night.

Time to dream of all the trout we were to catch the next day.

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