Wednesday, August 29th – Upper Bitterroot Wade & Clark Fork Float…

Wednesday, August 29th

This morning Chef Alan started out our breakfast with a local seasonal favorite – Huckleberry Pancakes with Huckleberry Preserves along with Eggs, Bacon and Fruit. Huckleberries are like a Blueberry but with a much sweeter, more intense flavor. They are found in the wild throughout the mountains of the Missoula area. Chef Alan got a five  pound bag for us at the farmers market downtown and it cost $60.00! Wow.

It was a beautiful day as the morning temps were a bit warmer at 42 degrees and the high was 81 degrees.

Today Ernie, Joyce and Jeff went to the Clark Fork River for their second float trip with Grizzly Hackle Flyshop Master River Guide Dave Hufman and Master River Guide Tom Osen. The Clark Fork’s river flow was a healthy 3000 cfs up from the normal 1850cfs for this time of year. Today was a spectacular day on the river for the three as they each landed a good number fish and a few whoppers. Jeff landed a 22″ Cutthroat on a size 10 Mayfly imitation of the local Hecuba mayfly called a Brindle Chute. Unfortunately he did not get a photo of it. 😦

Here are some pics of the day:


The guide, Dave, said that Ernie caught the largest Squawfish he had ever seen! So much so that Dave asked for his picture with the fish as well.

I went with John and Katie on a wade trip to the headwaters of the Bitterroot River. We went through some fun little towns along the way. Hamilton and Darby are located on highway 93 which runs south out of Missoula along the Bitterroot divide.

We stopped for coffee and some very good scones at Momma Ann’s bakery and bistro in Darby and had a very interesting conversation with the proprietor’s husband who served in the U.S. Navy on an aircraft carrier. Super nice guy!

We also saw an interesting sign on Mainstreet


IMG_4732 cropped_16_1

Well we made it to the river and got quite a bit of action.Water temp was 53-62 and river flow was a healthy 560cfs up from the normal 365cfs for this time of year.

We had a late lunch (that Chef Alan had prepared for us this morning) at a beautiful little campground along the river and afterwards we drove up to Painted Rocks Reservoir for some sightseeing.

We got back to the house about the usual time and sat on the deck with Ernie, Joyce and Jeff as Chef Alan prepared our evening meal. Chef Alan even joined us for a bit. Tonight it was Mexican fare with Fish Tacos, Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas, Spanish Rice, Chips, Salsa, and a wonderful Chocolate Cake for dessert!

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